Josh - Maut Ki Lerzish-E-Misgaan Hai Koi Kiya Janay

Maut Ki Lerzish-E-Misgaan Hai Koi Kya Jaanay
Zindagi Khawab-E-Pareean Hai Koi Kya Jaanay

Ramish-O-Rang Ke Aiwan Mein Laila-E-Hayat
Sirf Ek Raat Ki Mehmaan Hai Koi Kya Jaanay

Gulshan-E-Zeest Ke Har Phool Ki Rangeeni Mein
Dajla-E- Khoon-E-Rag-E-Jaan Hai Koi Kya Jaanay

Rang-O- Aahang Se Bajti Hui Yadoon Ki Baraat
Reh-Raway Jada’ey Nisyaan Hai Koi Kya Jaanay


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