biography of urdu poet-malizada manzoor

Prof. Malik Zada Manzoor Ahmad is famous for his unmatched compeering in India and abroad. Scholar, orator, poet and novelist has been Head Of Urdu Department Lucknow University. He  has recited poems at thousands of Mushairas  and kavi-sammelans  since 1949, in a number of countries other than India, viz., the USA, Canada, UAE, Bahrain, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Iran, Nepal and Pakistan.

He is the editor of ‘Imkaan’ (Monthly Urdu literary journal from Lucknow) and President, ‘All India Urdu Rabita Committee’.

He has held following position in his carrier,

President, Fakhruddin Ali Ahmad Memorial Committee, Lucknow

President, Uttar Pradesh Urdu Academy, Lucknow

Member, Executive Committee, University of Lucknow

Lecturer, Department of Urdu, University of Gorakhpur

Former Lecturer, Department of English, Shibli Post-Graduate College, Azamgarh

Editor, Navz (Urdu literary journal)

His work
“College Girl”, 1954 (Novel)

“Urdu Ka Mas'laa”, 1957 (Monograph)

“Shahr-e-Sukhan”, 1961 (Poetry)

“Abul Kalam Azad: Fikr-o-Fan”, 1964 (Critical Appreciation of Maulana Abul Kalam Azad's writings)

“Abul Kalam Azad Al-Hilal ke Aaine Mein” (Maulana Azad and Al Hilal)

“Ghubaar-e-Khaatir Ka Tanqeedi Mut'aalaa” (A Critical Appraisal of Ghubaar-e-Khaatir)

“Shahr-e-Sitam” (Poetry)

“Raqs-e-Sharar”, 2004 (Autobiography)

“Intikhaab Ghazaliyaat Nazeer Akbarabadi” (An Anthology of Nazeer Akbarabadi's selected ghazals)

Preface of more than 200 books


“Uttar Pradesh Urdu Academy Award” for Lifetime Contribution to Urdu Literature

“Uttar Pradesh Urdu Academy Award” for the promotion of Urdu language

“Madhya Pradesh Urdu Academy Award” for Lifetime Contribution to Urdu Literature

“Imtiaz-e-Mee”r from the All India Meer Academy

“Iftikhar-e-Meer” from the All India Meer Academy

“Honour from the Khuda Baksh Library, Patna, for Lifetime Contribution to Urdu Literature

“Maekash Akbarabadi Award”

“Harivansh Rai Bachchan Award”

“Sufi Jamal Akhtar Award”

“Firaq Samman” from the Aalami Urdu Conference, New Delhi

“Momin Khan Momin Ghazal Award” for Lifetime Achievement

“Fakhr-e-Urdu Award” from the Osmania University Ex-Students' Association of Greater Chicago

“Title of Sahitya Saraswat” by Hindi Sammelan, Prayag


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