biography of urdu poet manzar bhopali

Manzar Bhopali, became interested in poetry as a teenager. He said his first Ghazal in 1977. He attended his first mushaira in 1978 at Bhopal. He attended his first International Mushaira held in Karachi (Pakistan) in 1987. He became popular in Mushairas and kept attending mushairas world over travelling to all parts of the globe where urdu is being spoken. Manzar resides in Bhopal with his wife Tabassum and two daughters, Ziana & Anamta

Published Work

Ye Sadi Hamari Hai - '1991

Zindagi - '1992

Lahoo Rang Mausam - '1996

Lava - '2000

Manzar Ek Bulandi Par - '2002


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